The Motivated Homeowner Lead Gen Bootcamp For ONLY £7

Grab This Step-By-Step Video Training That Will Get You Pre-Qualified Direct To Homeowner Leads On Autopilot Within 3 Days...

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AND if you go through the program and implement but DON'T get at least 15 leads in less than 30 days, we will refund you in full and even send you *£50 for wasting your time...

If you're an investor that's fed up of paying for expensive education programs and mentorships that ultimately leave you feeling like a bit of a motivated idiot when you try, but fail, to get any deals despite your best efforts to put classroom theory into practise in the real world?

Perhaps you've even attempted to...

❌ Butter up Estate Agents (so you can stay top of mind)

❌ Send letters, flyers or post cards to homeowners (which we all know end up in the bin)

❌ Spent hours scrolling through Rightmove, Zoopla, Sparerooms, Gumtree, etc

❌ Post in various Social Media groups / Marketplaces (now there's a lot of time you'll never get back)

❌ Go to multiple networking groups each month (only to find everyone's a seller. Nobodies a buyer)

❌ Co-source with other investors (only to realise their numbers don't actually stack up)

Thankfully There Is Another Way!

Here are results from a 14 day ad campaign for motivated homeowners (leads came to me on autopilot for less than the price of 2 Lattes at Starbucks!)

I used the same strategy to get booked Zoom call appointments with property investors ready to pay 4-5 figure sourcing fees (kiss goodbye to attending boring networking events again)

I couldn't get this deal at a low enough price to keep myself, so packaged it & sold it to an investor looking for a great ROI for a 4 figure fee(it's like I'm getting paid to build my dream portfolio)

Why Leveraging This Bootcamp Training Makes It Easier To Find Off-Market Deals:

💸 Cost-effective marketing: Deals come to you 24/7 and you get to cherry pick the best ones for yourself instead of you wasting hours scrolling through online portals to look at the same prospects as everyone else.

💸 Increased brand visibility and awareness: You can easily leverage social media algorithms to highlight deals you've done, are working on, or have coming up which makes other investors reach out to JV or work with you (now you can fund more projects and do more deals)

💸 Targeted Advertising: There's never been an easier time in history to find, attract and target your ideal prospect (with the right campaign you can have an avalanche of new business... FAST)

💸 Geographical Freedom: You're no longer restricted to your local area. You can source nationally, agree a price upfront and only then do you need to do a viewing (and you can arrange someone else to view on your behalf all without leaving the comfort of your front room)

This Online Training Has Gotten Red Hot Deals In As Little As 7 Days For...

✅ BTL / HMO / SA Investors

✅ Deal Packagers / Sourcers / Traders

✅ Rent To Rent Newbies

✅ Portfolio Builders

✅ Purchase Lease Options Specialists

✅ Investors Focused On Buy, Refurb, Rent Out, Refi

✅ Assisted Sales

✅ Auction Companies

✅ Letting Agents

✅ Estate Agents

✅ Mortgage Brokers

✅ Builders / Contractors / Developers

✅ Coaches / Mentors / Trainers

AND... even MORE!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

See What Others Have Said About Working With Us

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

See What Others Have Said About Working With Me


Francis Dolley

“Azu has opened my eyes to more efficient and indeed easier ways of doing things to get better results, especially in the area of Social Media - where I was once struggling. Highly recommend."


Stephanie Taylor

“Azu's expertise in digital marketing is second-to-none. He explains very clearly and is a very engaging speaker. I got so many new insights I can use within my business.”


Ganesh Makam

“Azu has been such a charm, his service is quite fast and just what is expected. He goes the extra mile to satisfy the needs of the customers. I highly recommend Azu for the services he provides."


Ewelina Janowska

"Azu has helped me identify who my perfect audience is, how to find them and what to say and I can now get much better leads!"


Brian Celine

"Azu has taught me some special nuggets that are easy to understand and I can be used right away in my property business."


Comfort Smithson

“Oh gosh... This bootcamp is the best investment I've made in the business so far and I'm only half way through!”

And Here's How Generating Homeowner Leads On Demand Is Changing Deal Sourcers Around The UK Every Single Month:

I've learnt some much from your course. You've been great. Very knowledgeable and patient.

Danielle Paul-Soleyn

If you're looking for a way to generate more leads for your business, then check Azu out!

Alan Dockree

I never thought in a million years I could use digital marketing to source so many landlords leads for my property management business.

Joseph Marie

Using your system I've managed to find 26 motivated seller leads in just 6 days and the best part is they came to me!

Elaine Lawrence

What's Included In Motivated Homeowner Lead Gen Bootcamp:


  • Easy to follow video training:
    Watch over my shoulder as I recreate ads that got us 39 motivated seller leads in just 2 weeks (no more overwhelm or confusion of how to setup profitable ads or stress on where to find deals at a discount)

  • The Miser Method:
    No more wasted ad spend. With this micro budgeting strategy, we run small tests and review the data. Within 72hrs we know which ads to scale & which to cut lose (your wallet will love you for this strategy)

  • Templates & Frameworks:
    Fill in the blank templates that will have you cranking out high converting ads that produce pre-qualified motivated leads ready to do business (leads come to you pre-sold instead of you chasing them cap in hand)

  • 5 Common Mistakes:
    Avoid these easily made mistakes like the plague to prevent your ad account from being shut down + what to do to get your account reinstated within the hour (this will save you months of frustration)

  • Instant Credibility:
    Swipe and deploy these ethical tactics that will help you leap frog the competition and give even the newest of investors that winning edge.

This straight to the point, no fluff online video training can be completed in less than 2hrs from now.

It walks you through our easy to implement solution that WON'T have you...

⛔ Wasting time scrolling through Rightmove, Sparerooms, FB Groups;

⛔ Sending homeowner letters or;

⛔ Booking back to back viewings with Estate Agents just to MAYBE get a deal!

Instead, you'll be able to...

✅ Get callback requests from pre-qualified motivated sellers every single week like clockwork

✅ Have more conversations with sellers open to sell at a discount or on great terms

✅ Do deals remotely in any city without having to leave your own front room

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Azu Ifeachor again?

Azu Ifeachor is a Virtual Sourcing Coach, Property Investor and Digital Marketer with over 20 years experience in both property investing and digital marketing. And now, he's tapping into his 'Inner Circle' to let other property investors get access to the exact marketing strategies that enables him and his clients to get off-market deals directly from motivated homeowners in a consistent, reliable and scaleable way that doesn't take up too much time or risk losing a fortune.

What makes this different from other training programs?

In business there is sales and marketing. Sales tends to focus on turning a prospect into a paying customer, where as marketing tends to focus more on getting the prospect to the front door of your business so the sale can begin.

Most property training programs in the UK focus on the sales side of things - The strategy (eg R2R, PLO, BMV, HMO, SA, etc) to be used to turn a homeowner prospect into a deal.

Unfortunately the market these other programs teach tend to be out dated, traditional solutions that tend to be rather slow and require a lot of effort.

This program focuses on how to find the motivated homeowners that are open to creative solutions in the first place and doing so in a fast, reliable and consistent way which can be scaled at will by leveraging technology in the simplest way possible.

Which platform does this strategy work on?

The strategy works on almost all Social Media platforms (eg FB, IG, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter) however this program mainly focuses on FB and IG as it's the easiest to learn and practise on for beginners. Once you've learned the fundamentals, you can easily apply these strategies to other Social Media platforms that allow you to run ads.

Do I have to show my face or be on camera?

No. You only need to use your social media personal profile to access the advertising platform. From their you can create a brand new page and call it whatever you like. This page is what your prospect will see when your ads are running. Nobody ever needs to know that you have anything to do with that page if you don't want them to.

I'm not good on Social Media. Will this work for me?

This training is practically 'paint by numbers'. Meaning, you get to watch over our shoulder as we build out marketing campaigns in real time. You simple follow along with what we're doing and pause the video as needed. If you have a FB account and can send an email, that's as tough as it gets!

I've tried something like this before & it didn't work / My audience isn't on FB

According to a study by as of Jan 2024 there are approx 56M active FB users in the UK. So given that the UK has a population of approx 67M that means about 83% of the UK has a FB account. So if the aim of advertising is to get attention, doesn't it make sense to find out where your audience is and put your marketing message in front of people that actually want your services / offer?

We teach you how to do this in an efficient, cost effective way that produces reliable results... FAST!

You'll know within 24-72hrs if your campaign is working. If it is, you can do more. If it isn't you can cut your losses and pivot. Try doing that after spending a bunch of money on print or radio and then realising you accidentally made an error or that your message just isn't resonating the way you thought it would!

How do I access the training?

Once you complete your purchase, our system will automatically generate login details to our online members area and then email them to the address you used to purchase. If for some reason you don't get your login information after 15 minutes and you've checked your spam folder, you can raise a support ticket via the link at the bottom of this page.

Is there a cost to this?

Yes. Regardless to what many gurus out there might say, you do need funds to be an investor.

Fortunately for you, we're giving you lifetime access to our online training for just £7! The program will show you (step by step) how to put together your own paid marketing campaigns that quickly generate leads for your business.

Ultimately it's up to you how much you spend on ads, but we recommend a budget of at least £20-£30 per day to put towards your ad spend in order to generate enough high quality leads that you can potentially convert them into deals each with consistency.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes. We have 2 actually! Valid for the 1st 30 days of purchase.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Try the program out for a full 30 days and if you don't love it, we will refund your £27. You must have gone through all the training modules and checked them off. Plus launched at least one marketing campaign as per the training and have it spend for at least 7 days. Please don't just grab the training and half arse it!

Money Back Guarantee: Launch a national motivated seller campaign as per the training and if you don't get at least 10 leads within 30 days you get your £27 refunded and an additional £50 for wasting your time. To get the £50 and bootcamp refund you must have gone through all the training and checked off the modules in the members area, successfully posted an ad as described in the program and have clear evidence that your ad has been running for at least 7 full days, all within the 1st 30 days of your purchase. Then raise a support ticket via our help desk linked at the bottom of this page - Again, please don't just put 50% effort in then refund to get the extra £50 🫣

If your account were to get shut down, that is not on us as the frameworks that we teach in the program are compliant and have worked for the last 4yrs straight. You just need to show proof that you used our frameworks, and you didn't get leads if you account is compliant.

How do I get started?

Click the blue button below!

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